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Values, Vision, and Mission

The Clay County Historic Preservation Commission will promote a comprehensive program of historic preservation in Clay County by advocating the use, conservation, and acquisition of historic properties in Clay County (which includes Burbank, Dalesberg, Greenfield, Irene, Meckling, Vermillion, Wakonda, and Westreville) for the education, inspiration, pleasure, and enrichment of the citizens of the municipalities, county, state, and nation.


The Clay County Historic Preservation Commission (CCHPC) is a county-wide organization dedicated to preserving our historic heritage.

CCHPC is seeking interested Clay County residents—especially those from outside of Vermillion—to serve on the Commission.

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Director, Equal Opportunity Program
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P.O. Box 367127
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Commission Members

Current Commissioners

Commissioner Year Elected City of Residence
Jim Wilson, Chair 2014 Vermillion
John Erikson, Vice Chair Vermillion
Evelyn Schlenker, Secretary 2014
Dennis Konkler, Treasurer 2014 Vermillion
Jim Stone
Holly Straub
Molly Rozum
Ted Muenster
Bill Ranney
Jessi Wilharm Vermillion
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