Nothing gives character to an old house like original windows. The wavy glass and divided-light patterns are unique to the structure and the era when it was built. But just because your windows sag or won’t open, don’t give up on them. Often the damage is superficial and easily fixed. Before you ruin the character of your old house or risk lucrative tax credits with replacement windows from the local home improvement store, read on. The following window restoration tips can help preserve one of the most important architectural features of your historic house.



Barn Again in Minnehaha County

At the turn of the 20th century, barns were the farm's cathedral. The red or white structures were designed and personalized for each farm family. The massive barns held livestock and tools with a second floor for hay and the occasional barn dance. Towering wooden barns have given way to sleek metal sheds on many farms and now, barns have become the stuff of historic preservation.

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Reconstruction of a National Historic Site

In 1605, a group of French colonists built the Habitation at Port-Royal on the shore of the Annapolis River in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. Led by voyager and merchant Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons, the group also included renowned explorer and mapmaker Samuel de Champlain, whose diaries provide vivid descriptions of life at Port-Royal. As a result of the power struggle between French and English forces, the wooden Habitation was burned to the ground in 1613 by a Virginian raiding party on orders from England. More than 300 years later, a group of persuasive American and Canadian preservationists successfully lobbied the Canadian government to rebuild this important historic site.

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