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Jellyfish Theatre is a New Form of Junkitechture

Some are calling it "junkitechture", a new way of building and designing using only recycled and reclaimed materials. The Jellyfish Theatre, which is under construction right now, is a prime example of this new architecture.

It will be the first UK theatre made completely of old materials from all sources: junked theatre sets, building sites, 800 market pallets, old kitchen units that the public bring along. There will even be a wall made from disused watercooler bottles that are decorated by local schools and included in the building.

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Is Replacing Windows a Good Investment?

I am thinking about replacing my windows to cut back on my home's energy usage. Will this yield a good return on my investment or is my money better spent elsewhere?

Most windows can be compared to a giant hole in your home's insulation. While a standard wall might have an R-Value (resistance to heat flow; higher is better) of 13-19+, a single-pane window is no better than 1. A gas-filled double-pane window can reach a R-Value of 3, or closer to 2 once the seals have failed and the insulating gas has escaped. Of course there are triple-pane, gas-filled, low-e windows with insulation-filled frames that would have even higher R-Values but most of us don't have that kind of money.

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"About Your House with Bob & Pat Yapp."

Bob Yapp has just announced that he and his wife Pat have launched a new public radio program called "About Your House with Bob & Pat Yapp." Bob did preservation workshops earlier this year in Pierre and Rapid City so his name may be familiar to many of you.

This could be a great opportunity to share preservation information with a wide audience, but we need your help. Please contact South Dakota Public Radio Director Joe Tlustos and let him know you want SDPB to carry this program.You can reach him at:

Joe Tlustos
South Dakota Public Broadcasting
Radio Director
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Make sure to include this link to the Public Radio Exchange if you contact him: About Your House with Bob & Pat Yapp.

110 Year Old Home Gets Net Zero Energy Rehab

Matt Grocoff has an ambitious goal. He aims to make his 110-year-old Victorian in Ann Arbor, Mich., produce more energy than it uses.

That's no easy task, considering how leaky the 3-bedroom house was when he and his wife, Kelly, bought it in the fall of 2006 and began restoration. "You could stick a spatula through the window," he recalls. There was also asbestos siding, lead paint, zero insulation and a half-century old furnace.

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A Booming Enterprise: Recycling Whole Houses

Recycling is expanding from newspapers and bottles to entire houses as foreclosures, tax credits and landfill costs prompt businesses and non-profit organizations to salvage materials from old homes.

Stores are springing up to sell used lumber, appliances, cabinetry and flooring. Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit that builds and rehabs affordable homes, has 550 such retail outlets, called "ReStores." Mark Andrews, Habitat's director of U.S. operations, says the number is growing "almost daily." He expects an additional 100 stores in the next year.

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2011 Budget Proposal

The following is the 2011 budget proposal sent to the state for reiview. Last year was a busy year for the CCHPC and we aren't looking to slow down. We have much more in store for you so stay tuned!

2011 Grant Application (pdf).


2010 SD State Capitol Centennial

Historic Preservation and Archeology Month


The day was a success!  Many people showed up to participate in the festivities.  Here is an exerpt from the Downtown Walking Tour from Jim Wilson.

"This walking tour of downtown masonry will seem to be incomplete to any experts that follow along but well might provoke a response similar to that of the student who was asked by his teacher what the student though of the novel Moby Dick and responded by saying that “he had learned more about whales than he really wanted to know” from everyone else. Click here to read the rest. (pdf)

Window Restoration Workshop Deadline Extended

Registration Deadline has been extended to May 13.

The three day Bob Yapp Wood Window Restoration Workshop to be held at Oahe near Pierre on May 14-16 is still looking for participants.  You must be there for all three days. The Clay County Historic Preservation Commission will pay for the registration fee and mileage there and back at state rates.  Individual participants are responsible for lodging and meals.

Historic Property for Sale

This house is a 1925 2-story Craftsman and is untouched. Millwork is clear pine and the plaster is very good. It looks like it's only had its original paint. Also, new furnace that goes with the house. Porch would have to be removed and rebuilt after the move. The roof, siding, and windows would all need attention. Also, the roof does not appear to be leaking, but contact the realtor for more info.

The house is located at 31176 452 Ave., Gayville. If you want to take a drive by, this is on 452 Ave., South of Hwy 50.  The asking price is $25,000.

For more info please view the .pdf Historic Home for Sale (pdf).

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